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Turn your aerial imagery into COURT READY products

Take your aerial imagery to the next level with Pix4D and our training program. 

We will teach you how to:

  • Capture aerial images
  • Capture ground control points
  • Use the correct input and output coordinate systems
  • Interpret your Quality Report
  • Generate an accurate orthomosaic
  • Generate an accurate point cloud
  • Generate an accurate Digital Surface Model
  • Integrate your data into CAD models

Our instructors are Certified Pix 4D Users with years of in-field experience on crime and collision scenes. We know how to get the most out of your aerial data and soon you will too!

Hardware Training

We are proud to partner with Collision Forensic Solutions LLC to provide you with the most comprehensive hardware training solutions.  

Our customers deserve the best and we are there to deliver!

Software Training

Harness the power of your digital data. 

Along with our partners at Collision Forensic Solutions LLC we are proud to bring you software solutions that are second to none.


Evidence Recorder


Pix4D - Coming soon!

Collision Reconstruction

 Basic Technical/Level II (CDN)

More collision courses COMING SOON!



We take a no nonsense personal approach to professional law enforcement training.  We know what it takes to deliver a quality product and strive to ensure that you get the most up to date content possible. 

Our mission is to enrich your skill set. To us it's not just about training, it's about your success. 

The classroom is an extension of who we are. If you succeed, we succeed.